Randi Anne Brenchley

Administrative Assistant


My first job was at the Fenelon Falls Library. I was 13.
My favourite musician is a Canadian artist, Dallas Green of City & Colour. I have seen him live 4 times (so far)!
I am part of the 100 Women Peterborough – a wonderful organization that gives back to local charities.
I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was 40. I have no idea how I went that long without it. Yum!
I am an avid reader of many different genres; fiction, historical fiction. I don’t mind a thriller if it’s PG13!!
I have an intense fear of spiders, inside or outside. They do not belong anywhere near me!
My husband and I have completed a 4 hour adventure race. It consisted of running, mountain biking, canoeing, swimming,, etc.
I have always enjoyed sports & being active. I love baseball. I have competed in several Triathalons, but my new obsession is golf.
My husband and I love to travel together. It is a tie for 2 amazing places: Eleuthura, Bahamas & Aruba!
I am not artsy or crafty. Even my stick people look funny!

My Story

I was raised in the village of Fenelon Falls, and now live in the Cavan area with my husband and three children. Plus a dog, two cats, occasional chickens and horses, and any other animals that the kids sometimes bring home!

My instincts and passion for real estate come naturally - my Mother was a successful agent, and owned her own brokerage in the Kawartha Lakes for many years, and I learned to appreciate the results of hard work and dedication in this business.

When I am not showing property or listing homes, I’m either baking my children’s favourite banana chocolate chip muffins (they don’t last long!), chasing golf balls around on local courses, or else relaxing at home while sipping coffee (or wine!), and nibbling on chocolate with a book in my hand.

I am down to earth with an engaging style, and I strive to make sure my clients have a positive, fun and enjoyable experience working with me.

Languages: English

Area Covered: Kawartha Lakes Peterborough Cavan