Tyler Chin

Sales Representative


 I love making music! I’ve learned to play the piano, trumpet, bass and acoustic guitar, but mainly drums. 

I have an educational background in teaching and neuroscience 

Being creative in the kitchen is one of my favourite ways to spend my time 

If I’m not cooking, I’m probably watching YouTube videos on how to fix things or do renovations 

My favourite sport to play is soccer 

I cut my own hair 

I grew up in a house full of boys... my poor mother 

I grew up with 2 dogs that I was always allergic to 

My guilty pleasure is watching anime 

I’m one of the biggest tech-nerds you’ll ever meet 


I like to get to know people by learning more about their FORD. No, not what car they drive, although I’d always be interested, but through their Family, Occupations, Recreations and Dreams. So here is a little bit about me:) I was born in Scarborough and it’s there I spent my first 10 years. From Scarborough, I moved to Ajax where I attended high-school, I got involved in my local church, and watched our family grow to welcome 3 brothers and 2 dogs. More recently, I married up and my wife and I moved to Peterborough through the pandemic. Since coming here, we’ve become inspired by all this city has to offer. Occupationally, most of my jobs have involved creativity or educating in some capacity. My first job was landscaping! After 4 years there and being promoted to Site Supervisor, I learned a lot and those skills help me to this day. Once that season of life had closed, I decided I wanted to be more creative and less laborious; something more engaging. So, I did what everyone does in an early-life crisis and threw myself into school. 

Upon completing a few degrees in Human Health Science and Brain Disorders Management, I started working with March of Dimes Canada to educate and socially reintegrate Eastern Ontario’s Polio and Post-Polio population of several hundred people. In addition to serving that community, I worked with Speech- Language Pathologists to lead peer-support programs to educate and rehabilitate those living with aphasia. In my time there, I truly learned more from them than I was ever able to teach.

Transitioning out of March of Dimes, I still wanted to stay connected to the aging population. My next job as a Salesperson for Philips Lifeline allowed me to do exactly that! Philips Lifeline would eventually become Lifeline Canada, and stand as Canada’s largest personal emergency response system. Within a year of working there, I became the top performer in several departments. In these roles, I was able to develop my client-focused sales experience, give back in a meaningful way to the vulnerable population, and maintain my teaching background by providing training to the rest of my team. Coming to work with the Platinum Team is the perfect next step for me. It takes the work ethic and creativity from landscaping, the client-focused nature from March of Dimes, and the sales expertise from Lifeline to create an environment to succeed while contributing to a Team with big-picture goals! Recreation and Dreams are similar for me. In my spare time, I greatly enjoy self-improvement. This often takes the form of learning how to do home renovations, learning how to recreate old recipes in the kitchen, or playing music in church. 

I Dream to use my recreational skills to help people in creative and selfless ways. Whether building a deck for a neighbour, cooking dinner so they don’t need to think about it, or one day being able to cover the mortgage for someone who needs it. 

Perhaps that sounds a bit weird.. But isn’t that what dreams are for? :) 

That’s me, but I’d love to hear from you! Let’s connect and I’d be more than happy to put my skills to work for you and help you achieve your dreams too!